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Bank dreams? 3 ways to become a bank

Fintech has been abuzz with recent moves by Varo Money, Lending Club, and Square. They're each redefining how to become a bank.

8 Questions to design a great website

It’s easy to recognize a great website, but harder to build one yourself. Here’s 8 short-hand questions to use to evaluate any site or app.

Reading the tea leaves: regulators come out on ‘alternative’ data

Last week, Federal Regulators Issued a Joint Statement on the Use of Alternative Data in Credit Underwriting. Within their statement, they affirmed the consumer benefits of alternative data in its use in lending: "… the use of alternative data may improve the speed and accuracy of credit decisions…using alternative data may enable consumers to obtain additional products and/or more favorable pricing/terms based on enhanced assessments of repayment capacity. These innovations

Inside Apple Card’s use of the ‘black box’

Apple Card’s credit scoring practices seem fairly mainstream. Their case illustrates the problem isn’t that ‘black box’ algorithms are taking over. The problem is that traditional means of credit scoring used by the vast majority of US banks like Goldman Sachs are routinely discriminatory. Over the weekend, furor erupted when it was revealed that a husband and wife, both of comparable financial means, were offered drastically different credit line terms. This comes on the hee


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