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Welcome! I'm Mack Wallace and I lead Product at a rapidly growing, Washington DC-based fintech. In previous lives, I have also been a financial regulator (CFPB), led product development at a big consumer bank (Capital One), and was an innovator at a machine learning/AI fintech start up (Zest AI, previously ZestFinance). I've always been keen to share my blended fintech, banking, and regulatory perspective with others.

I founded Fintalk News with a mission of going beyond the headline and sharing lessons learned and perspectives from the field - that means hearing from the people putting in the hard work and sharing how to view an issue from the different vantages.

This weekly blog and email newsletter shares insights and knowledge from the very frontier of consumer finance (eg fintech) and it’s regulation (eg regtech). That means there will be a heavy emphasis on what’s new: data, machine learning, and technology.

Explore this blog, subscribe for weekly updates, read something new. And, feel free to reach out if you would like to collaborate or share. Thank you.

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